Sound Proofing

Foam Works spray foam insulation is an effective barrier to airborne sounds. Its superior fit makes it an ideal sound proofing system, reducing airborne sound transfer through the roof, floor and walls.

Dust & Pollen

Spray foam’s airtight seal helps prevent the direct infiltration of harmful irritants, and its low air permeability properties help reduce the structure’s ability to draw air and vapor through the material.

Fire Proofing

Fire resistant foam insulation contains fire retardant, and some are specifically formulated for fire resistant use. Creating fire safe structures is always a primary consideration.

Mold & Mildew Prevention

Spray foam insulation works well against water and moisture because it expands to fit the space. It does not chip and crack over time. This is the leading cause of mold.

Energy Efficiency

In conjunction with efficient HVAC equipment and other environmentally responsible designs, spray foam insulation can save nearly 70% of an average home’s energy consumption.

Steel Frame Buildings

Metal frame construction presents a unique set of challenges above and beyond the usual moisture-related problems. By air sealing with spray foam insulations from Gacp , those problems are a thing of the past!

Residential Application

You will likely live in your new home for more than 20 years, and the up front cost of spray foam will pay for itself in usually less than 8 years. Save money with the Foam Works difference.

Commercial & Agricultural

Foamworks, LLC can improve your bottom line and eliminate some ot the hassles that typically plague commercial and agricultural buildings.